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Sunday, January 26, 2014

If I were King Part 6: Energy Independance

       The manufacture and sale of gasoline and diesel engines would be phased out quickly. Everything would be switched over to Hydrogen.
       Look the guys who created the hydrogen fuel cell made a big mistake by putting it in that dumb-ass scooter. Hardly anyone could look past the scooter and see that the engine and fuel cells were the real invention, but if we get behind this thing it can change everything. Put it in cars, trucks, generators that power cities. I don't know if can work in airplanes, but if it can, then put it in them too. It's freekin insane not to.
        Then most of the middle east can go back to being useless desert.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

If I Were King Part 5: Justice For All

      First thing we do is kill all the lawyers. No not really, I just love that line, and I will be doing away with lawyers so it kinda worked. Don't worry, too much, because the good lawyers will be able to get jobs as judges. I would also do away with juries and have all cases decided by 3 judges. The judges would examine the evidence and question the witnesses themselves, then render a verdict, by voting. This way we can be certain (well, more certain than before) that the people, making the decisions, understand the rules of evidence, and common people can stop living in fear of jury duty.
       If a guilty verdict is not unanimous, then the dissenting judge can delay punishment for up to week while he decides if he's going to appeal. Yes, the dissenting judge is the one who decides if a case is going to be appealed, and unanimous verdicts are final (Though bringing new evidence might convince a judge to reverse his decision, at any time).
       There will be only one set of  courts in the nation and it will hear all cases, both criminal and civil. Any case that could be brought in multiple jurisdiction will automatically go to a higher court. I wont tolerate judges giving different rulings on the same case in different locations. 
       Judges will be required to dismiss frivolous lawsuits and if a plaintiff is awarded a settlement in a frivolous lawsuit not only will the duke or king reverse the ruling but he will remove the judge from the bench.

      Long prison sentences are a monstrous offense that for the most part would be done away with. Nobody needs to be punished in a way that insures they will never be able to become useful members of society. Yes some people will still be put in prison but for much shorter times. Months instead of years. In fact one of the first things I would do upon taking over is reduce the sentence of every prisoner currently held to 1/12 of  what they were originally given. Let me make it clear there would never be any kind of early release under this system. parole boards, and work release would be things of the past. A prisoner who is told he's going to serve 17 years and gets out in 7 will always feel in some way that the system isn't to be taken seriously. A prisoner who's told he'll serve 17 months and serves every minute of it will know we mean what we say.
      Most minor offenses would be punished without any jail time. But NOT with fines either. Fines, and any kind of court costs would be absolutely forbidden. And charging prisoners money to pay for their imprisonment would also be abolished. So would privately run prisons. The system is going to run on a 20% sales tax and absolutely nothing else ever. See Part 3. If we can't balance the budget on that we need to cut costs. Fines are a way of granting rich people license to commit crimes while turning poor people into serious criminals because they can't pay. And adjusting fines based on income is wrong because it gives the government an incentive to harass rich people with abusive fines. 
       Most minor offenders would be punished by being beaten and released. The beating would consist of 20 hard lashes with a rubber hose. That way it wouldn't leave permanent marks. More serious offenders would be imprisoned for a number of months but the worst offenders would be executed, in 3 days. (Notice the appeal process mentioned above) Sentences for violations would be spelled out according to law and not subject to the judge's discretion. There would be no need for a sentencing hearing. 

        Prisoners would be kept in isolation from each other for the duration of their stay. To protect them from each other, and to prevent them from developing any kind of prison culture. Prisons would be open to the public, to protect prisoners from abuse by guards.  
       Crimes committed, while in prison, would automatically be treated more seriously. Prisoners are supposed to be focused on getting out and not coming back. If you're going to commit a crime while being punished, you've hardened yourself and need to be treated more seriously. That means if you do drugs while in prison you die.

Monday, January 20, 2014

If I were King Part 4: Full Employment & Labor Reform

 To achieve full employment the first thing to do is cut the work week to 32 hours, put a stop to all overtime, and outlaw anyone having more than one job. This will mean that employers will need a lot more workers to fill up those hours their old workers used to do. Yes a lot of workers will make less money as a result, but since they don't have to pay rent anymore (See Part 1) they'll be fine. 
         By the way, if you own a business, you can run it as a second job, or if it's your only job, you can work as many hours as you want. With the extra free time this will give us, more people might look into starting a small business. If you make something and sell it, yourself, without employees, it would be tax free. (See part 3)

      I would like to add, that I believe people should work 6 days a week and rest on the Sabbath, but I also believe that there is a lot more work to be done than just what we do at our place of employment. Giving people more free time will allow them to clean up their homes, take care of their kids, go shopping, pay bills, go to church, and do volunteer work to help others. These are things a civilized society should encourage.

       Next, we need to require employers to hire unskilled laborers and train them to do whatever job they need done. That means if a hospital wants to hire a doctor, then they're required to recruit a high school student and pay his way through college and medical school to get one. (This will cause businesses to put pressure on schools to streamline and focus the education process) They days of people having to pay for their own school would be over. That also means if you learn how to do a job then quit, you wont be able to find another job, in the same field, because the employers are required to hire unskilled workers.

      Finally, all workers, no matter what job they do, would be paid the same: $100.00/day. That means the new guy at McDonald's would get the same paycheck as the king, or the CEO of Microsoft. However companies would be required to divide a percentage of their annual profits equally among their workers, so if you work for a profitable company, you'll make more money.

       This would solve a lot of problems in our society, but one of the biggest is the problem of teachers in public schools. Everyone knows a teacher can make better money teaching at a college that a public school, so most good teachers go where the money is, and public schools take what's left. If colleges paid the same as public schools, more people might try the public school option. Also the public school would get first crack at recruiting potential teachers, while they're still in high school.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

If I Were King Part 3: Unified Code of Laws & Taxes

 I would Not rule over a loose confederation or a federal union, but a single united kingdom, with one set of laws for the whole nation.The Dukes and Counts, would exist to enforce the law, collect taxes and provide services, none of them would have law making authority. Furthermore if they were ever caught getting into jurisdictional disputes with one another they might be relieved of duty. 
     There would be just one tax: A 20% sales tax charged at the retail level. This would also be charged on services performed by anyone who isn't your full time employee. Buying wholesale would be absolutely forbidden, unless the items were being purchased for resale. That means your office supplies would be taxed also and Sam's club would be out of business. The only exemptions would be people selling used items or items they made or grew themselves (personally). 
     This means everyone in the nation would be taxed at the same rate, including foreigners, and even illegals (more on that later).  
      it also means that a huge number of taxes would be done away with, the tax system would be greatly simplified, and the majority of people would pay a lot less in taxes. Without all those legislators and their staffs and elections the government would be a lot cheaper to run.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

If I Were King Part 2: Structure of the Government

 I would divide the country into Duchies, and appoint a Duke to Govern Each one. There would also be several Dukes whom I would appoint to specific tasks like running the military. These would not also govern a Duchy. The Dukes that did govern Duchies, would divide their own lands into counties and appoint a count to govern each. No positions would be inherited, all would be by appointment. 
     Upon the death of a king the Dukes would assemble to select one of themselves to be the next king.
     Yes, it's based on the structure of the Catholic Church. But since the Catholic Church has worked this way for 2000 years, I figure it's a good model.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

If I Were King Part 1: Redistribution of Wealth

    If I were King, I would put an end to rent. I would outlaw long term renting of real estate (you could still rent out hotel rooms dorm rooms and single occupant boarding rooms) people who living in rented homes or doing business from rented stores would become the owners of the property. The landlords would be told, "Get a job you worthless leach".
      This wouldn't be the first thing I would did but I'm starting with it here, because it's a really big change in the whole economy and it needs to be done, in the interest of justice.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Coming Atractions

      Staring tomorrow I'm going to do a series of posts titled "If I Were King". 
      Before I get started, I'll tell you that I do believe we would be much better off with a king, than with our current government. I have no love for democracy and I've often joked that a kid who doesn't love democracy, isn't paying attention in school, but a grown up who still loves democracy isn't paying attention to the world. But I don't harbor any delusions of grandeur or plans for treason. Actually  bringing a kingdom into power isn't my place. I cut meat for a living. I'm writing these words in hopes that someday there will be a king and maybe he'll be inspired by the words I've written. And hopefully by writing this I'll help others to see that we really do need a king and that might make it more likely to happen.
     Even if no one listens or agrees, it's certain that one day we Will have a king and he will rule in righteousness.
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